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Demanding A Ransom For Madeleine McCann

by | 4th, June 2007

mccann.jpg“WAS Madeleine snatched in a ransom plot that went wrong?”

No, not a readers’ poll in the Express (“Is hanging too good for sex offenders?”), but the Mail’s question.

And with no phone line to register a “Yes” or “No” vote, readers are required to read on and learn if Madeleine McCann was snatched in a kidnap plot that went wrong.

“A kidnapper may have taken Madeleine McCann with the intention of demanding a ransom,” says the Mail.

So it’s a “Yes”, then.

Media Intrusion

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa tells us: “We continue to investigate the possibility that whoever took this child could have done it for money and hasn’t asked for a ransom because they’ve panicked with the headlines the case has generated.”

So the media has hindered the Madeleine McCann mystery? The media’s willingness to help is now questionable. A bit like how Robert Murat, suspect number one, made himself helpful but only succeeded in attracting attention to himself.

Of course, the answer to the Mail’s puzzler may be “No”. One key thing with the Madeleine McCann mystery is that it is a mystery. We do not know what occurred. We have few clues. Soap operas may think their scripts are similar to the case but they cannot know. The media can speculate. We can empathise.

Perhaps the newspapers could deploy their finest investigative hacks to pursue the case, to crack the code and get the scoop. Once they’ve finished watching the parents, naturally.

In “LITTLE GIRL’S KISS THAT MADE KATE BREAK DOWN,” the Mirror looks on as Kate McCann is approached by an eight-year-old Portuguese girl. She is in church. The girl plants a kiss on Kate McCann’s cheek. Kate McCann cries. The paper sees that “other Catholic churchgoers…broke down”.

Rewards Of Hope

Instead of Madeleine we get more grief. “A child’s kiss in church is too much for brave Kate,” says the Sun’s headline. The Sun publishes the McCanns’ words; the couple are, we are reminded, “both doctors”.

“As every day, every week, becomes a month, we still believe she is out there and alive and we remain positive and determined that we will find her soon.”

Who cannot share that hope? Only the criminals who seem to have taken Madeleine McCann…

So the McCanns will keep searching. As the Star says, they will sell their £500,000 home and use the funds to pay for the search for meet any ransom.

But why? There’s a £1.5million reward on the table. No need for more. Why be greedy. Take the money on offer.

But the kidnappers aren’t making any demands. There is no noise from any criminal. Although the silence is hidden beneath a barrage of noise…

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