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G8 Summit At Heiligendamm: Angela Merkel On Global Warming And EU

by | 4th, June 2007

IT’S another G8 sumit. What do these things means to you? Anarchists, communists and hoodies fighting the police in a provincial setting?

There will be 16,000 police between you and German Chancellor Angela Merkel when the show kicks off. Says she: “I prefer to be closer to the people, even those who are protesting.” But not too close¬† – “I certainly have no plans to go to the protest”.

And while we can hear her over the water cannon, Merkel’s talking:

SPIEGEL: Are you also confident that the summit participants in Heiligendamm will be able to agree to a goal of limiting global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius by 2050?

Merkel: I believe it will be very difficult, and that is by no means only because of the Americans. If the United States doesn’t move, then a number of other nations may wait and see too. I’m not expecting a solution this week. This is a tough task we have to work at patiently. We Europeans have a clear position. For 10 years, I have fought passionately for climate protection. From the very beginning it has been a tough struggle — it’s not a terrain in which one can achieve quick victories. But we’re making progress step by step…

SPIEGEL: In light of these discussions, what have you learned in recent months about the forces that hold together this EU and this Europe? Are the inner forces strong enough so that one can envision a United States of Europe without being a complete dreamer?

Merkel: Let’s be realistic. We don’t have to dream about a United States of Europe at this point. In my policies, also during our presidency of the EU Council, I have consistently attempted to ensure that the commonality and cohesion of the EU is made clear to others, and I have warded off all attempts to divide the EU. Our interests are best preserved if we do not allow ourselves to be divided, if we carefully coordinate our interests — from climate protection to the negotiations of the World Trade Organization to security and defense policy — and if we then present a unified front. As far as I am concerned, there is no alternative to the road to European unification.

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