Anorak News | Big Brother: Tracey Barnard’s Ye Olde Caravan And (Cromwell) Carrot

Big Brother: Tracey Barnard’s Ye Olde Caravan And (Cromwell) Carrot

by | 5th, June 2007

tracey-barnard.jpgSPACEY Tracey Barnard, Big Brother’s Tony Adams, “LIVES IN A PUB CAR PARK!”

How many Daily Sport readers on learning of this do not wipe a rheumy eye and thank god that someone is living the dream.

Tracey lives in a caravan in the grounds of the Chequers Inn in Fordham, Cambs. This is Tracey’s “CARAVAN OF BRUV!”

A local tells us: “She’s always hanging around with gypsy types and she often has groups of people visiting her in the caravan.”


“There’s often a big noise coming from inside, like they’re drinking and having a good time.”

How envious those pub dwellers across tarmac. Forced to endure Government health warnings on their restoratives, stub out their smokes by order of law and listen to Celine Dion Sings Girls Aloud on the in-house stereo, they pine for the olden days when all pubs were like Tracey’s caravan.

Today Anorak launches it’s “PUB CARAVAN” campaign. We urge all public houses to install a caravan and a Tracey in their car parks and beer gardens.

If patrons want to smoke, laugh out loud and ‘ave it to 128 beats-per-minute bangin’ tunes they can go to these snug tin tributes to Bacchanalian excess and party.

It might just save the hospitality industry…

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