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Your Chance To Be Adopted By Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

by | 5th, June 2007


Angelina Jolie has been in Prague and we are just counting heads to see that everything is as it should be.

Angelina does love to take home a souvenir of her travels. And we are at a Catholic orphanage in the Czech capital engaged in a spot of stock taking.

As the Sun reports, Angelina Jolie and her lover Brad Pitt are to adopt another child.

A source tells us: “If everything goes smoothly, Angelina will have an Eastern European son to add to her brood.”

This is great news. Now that Jolie is looking not just to Asia and Africa but to the European Union to acquire children, we wonder how long it will before she picks up a British child?

With one Ethiopian (Zahara), a Vietnamese (Pax Thien), a Cambodian (Maddox), Namibian queen (Shiloh) and now this Czech child, the time is ripe for a British addition.

The competition will be fierce. And in the spirit of British fair play we invite anyone who wants to be adopted by the Jolie-Pitts to complete the following sentence in 12 words or fewer: “I want to go to America with Miss Angelina and Mr Brad because…”

The winner gets to live the American dream of burgers, chips, theme parks, therapists and obesity. Losers get to stay in the UK and live with burgers, chips, theme parks, therapists and obesity…

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