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The Path To Prosperity: Suing The Council For Damaged Dog Food Tins

by | 5th, June 2007

broken-pavement.jpg IF you’re short of a few quid and of a litigious bent, then the east of England is the place to be.

According to figures acquired by the BBC, councils across the east of the country have spent millions of pounds on compensation for people who have been injured by tripping up on the pavement.

Since 2001, £6million, excluding legal fees, has been paid out by councils to members of the public. Claims include £43,000 for a leg injury and a whopping £3.28 payout after someone fell and dented their dog food tins.

However, Essex County Council was quick to point out that it successfully defends or rejects approximately 82% of claims against it.

Norman Hume of Essex County Council says: “It’s fair to say there’s an increasing compensation culture at play.” His council will “spend a record amount this year in Essex, something close to £75m on maintenance of our roads and footways”.

Barry Gibbs, of pressure group Taxpayers Alliance, says: “There’s an issue about what councils are paying out and whether they have robust enough procedures to check on the authenticity of claims.

“There needs to be clearer guidelines from central government on what are legitimate claims because ultimately all the cheques are signed by the taxpayer.”

I can feel a severe case of repetitive strain injury coming on…

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