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Climate Change Is Today’s Big C

by | 5th, June 2007

CLIMATE change is the Big C:

The climate debate is reaching a crisis. When I hear the words “global warming”, my temperature rises to the point where I want to reach for a gun.

Back in 1976 BCCC (Before Catastrophic Climate Change), Peter Cook and Dudley Moore did a Derek and Clive sketch called Cancer, tut-tutting over everything as a symptom of the big C. “I heard that George Stit had moved away from the Willesden area and gone up round Chadwell Heath.” “Cancer?” “Yeah.” “Tch, Christ. You remember the Nolan twins? . . . They’ve taken up darts.” “Cancer?” “Yep.” “Tch.” If they were around to remake that sketch in AD (Anno Doom-ini) 2007 it might be called Global Warming.

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