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Big Brother’s Hair And Hounds: In Trap One…Charley

by | 5th, June 2007

AS if Big Brother doesn’t set them up for a big enough fall. Here comes Ziggy to ask: “If you were a dog, what would you be?”

It’s hard not to quite like Ziggy. The Antony Armstrong-Jones look-alike is only 26 but looks about 39. He doesn’t seem to work for a living, which makes us wonder what he’s done that’s caused so much ageing. And if walking his dog and polishing his teeth stresses him out.

Back to the question. And it’s over to Charley, of course. And Charley’s hair, which appears to have been fashioned from road kill.

Charley ponders. “I’m an Alsatian!” says she. Yes, one of those big German dogs that the owner says is very clever before employing its massive intellect to bite you.

Charley would, on reflection, make a decent attack dog.

Ziggy goes on: “Shabnam would be one of those Japanese dogs, like a husky. And Chanelle would be a red setter.”

The twins would be poodles.

“Laura would be a St. Bernard. They’re the most beautiful dogs in the world, because they’re rescue dogs… it’s nothing to do with appearance,” offers Ziggy.

Laura says she’d be a “a Chihuahua.”

And Charley’s hair was seen to twitch…

And she’s off – send Charley on her way

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