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Big Brother’s Tracey Barnard’s Acid Tampon

by | 6th, June 2007


So announces the Star on its front page. And readers learn that Tony Adams look-alike Spacey Tracey Barnard has smuggled a stash of narcotics into the Big Brother compound.

This is of little surprise to Anorak, which informed the world on June 2: “Spacey Tracey: Big Brother Drugs Test.” We even mentioned LSD. And now the Star says we were right.
“Tracey told us all what she was planning to do before she was taken away by producers,” says Ashley Smith, a fellow raver.

He tells us that Tracey steeped her tampons in LSD and left them to dry. They were then returned to the packet for later consumption.

Tracey is nothing if not inventive. And there is no little novelty value in thinking of Tracey eating her tampon or else lighting the taper, standing well back and letting her housemates feel the burn.

And if the show’s producers are concerned they can just say that it’s a postmodern exercise designed to reflect what’s going on among the viewing millions too goofed to be bothered to find the remote control or fall asleep…

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