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Big Brother: Emily Parr Is Sam Mitchell

by | 6th, June 2007

EMILY Parr is covered in foam and rubbing herself against Amanda Marchant. Emily is a performing arts student and such things are to be expected.

Of course, Emily invented the foam rub, just as she invented skinny jeans, My Little Pony and trees.

Having locked horns with Charley over who is most original – and taken care not get her horns tangled in Charley’s road kill hair – Emily is rowing with Chanelle.

Emily is there to inject a bit of class friction into the house. The posh-ish girl from Bristol is arguing with the Posh-wannabe from Wakefield.

The subject under debate is hair straighteners and who gets to use them.

Chanelle: “She goes to performing arts school and instantly burst into tears. How convenient. I don’t like her attitude towards me.

Emily: “She’s a boring little s***”


She’s a natural. All hail Emily, EastEnders’ new Sam Mitchell.

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