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Big Brother: Chanelle Hayes Busts Out

by | 6th, June 2007

CHANELLE Hayes, Logo Chanelle, says she plans to use any Big Brother winnings to make her breasts “huge”.

So says the Star, which tells readers that a more pneumatic Chanelle will thus ensure she looks like her idol Victoria Beckham.

But, of course, Her Poshness, is as nature intended. There has been much polemic on the status of the Beckham bosom, but she denies any augmentation. If the good Lord gave her breasts the size and shape of two Spanish onions, then so be it.

Says Chanelle: “Mine are so small I have to wear chicken fillets in my bra. I need to get them done.”

A “pal” tells the Star: “She wants to go up to a 32DD so she can be the same size as Victoria…but she’s determined that when she comes out of the show she’s going to get implants to match Victoria’s.”

In the meantime, look out for Chanelle using the house’s shopping budget to buy all manner of filleted meat products, grapefruits, melons and soft furnishings…

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