Anorak News | Big Brother Betting Odds: Shabnam For Chop, Laura to Win

Big Brother Betting Odds: Shabnam For Chop, Laura to Win

by | 6th, June 2007

NOTHING reflects the state of play in the Big Brother house better than the Betfair markets.

Nominations have just been revealed and it’s Emily and Shabnam up for the chop this week.

Despite being announced at only 10am this morning, both nominees’ prices drifted overnight – the Sloaney drama student Emily pushed out to 40 from 30 and the live wire, Amy Winehouse stunt double Shabnam lengthened to 130 from 90, now making her the biggest priced housemate.

This year’s figure of hate, Charley, has incredibly managed to dodge a bullet by avoiding nomination, and will be thankful for Emily’s late-night bust-up with Ziggy, who of course was the tikka-tinged judge and jury for this week’s nominations. Accordingly her price has now come back into double figures and currently sits around the 90 mark.


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Otherwise, a very dismal first week by BB standards has left punters unable to make their minds up over the housemates, with prices going in swings and roundabouts on a daily basis.

The introduction of alleged lothario Ziggy has failed to light the blue touch paper as was expected and BB producers are sure to now be frenziedly brainstorming to come up with devious ways of provoking some serious upheaval in the house.

Cue the freaks…

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