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Beckham For Banknotes Campaign Grows

by | 6th, June 2007

cole_beckham.jpgFOR England fans, it’s like the last 12 months never happened. Golden balls himself has been recalled to the side in a move reeking of desperation by Steve McClaren, Michael Owen is once again looking a pale shadow of his former zippy self and the team in general is hideously under-performing.

With the Beckham hype machine well and truly back into overdrive, it has once again becoming rather difficult to avoid the star’s chiselled features and soon we may even be forced to look at his bonce whenever we open our wallets.

The former Manchester United star is one of a list of modern sportsmen, musicians and actors to have been put forward by the public as alternatives to the current crop of Britons who adorn the country’s banknotes.

With economist Adam Smith recently taking his place on the shiny new £20 note, critics are bemoaning the huge number of dead, white males on our money, while many are unhappy with Smith’s Scottishness – a spokesman for the Bank of England says, “We are the central bank for the UK. We don’t see why nationality within the UK should be an issue for us.”

According to the list of alternative icons, the British public want to ditch dead white males for, er, living white males instead. As well as Beckham, Robbie Williams, the Beatles (only half dead), Mick Jagger and Jonny Wilkinson are also high on the public’s wish list, as is Jimmy Savile (undead).

Expect Anorak’s choices of Bernhard Manning, Jerry Sadowitz and Nigel the Christian, Chelsea supporting butcher of Old Smithfield Market to get the nod…

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