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Big Brother: Samanada Marchant With You?

by | 6th, June 2007

CAN anyone understand a word Amanda and Sam Marchant say?

Samanda is the kind of girls who always get killed at the beginning of horror films.

Samanda is the girl in the chorus line who gets pregnant by the star and is bought off, or killed.

Samanda is the elderly woman in the care home reliving her glory days on one end of Wigan pier, the star turn at the Bridlington playhouse Wednesday matinee showing of Cats (third cat from left).

If Big Brother is all about creating a star, finding new talent, then Samanda has not a hope.

She is in the house alone. The phone is ringing. A voice on the other end is making a threat. The basement door swings open.

“Yer wert?” says Samanda. “Wert..?”

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