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Big Brother’s Tracey Barnard Is Putin It About

by | 7th, June 2007

tracey-barnard1.jpgWHILE the Sun makes do with Big Brother’s Little Paper, the Star strides manfully on with “Big Brother’s Big Paper.”

Anorak is, of course, Big Brother’s Overdeveloped, Genetically–Enhanced Big Brother; and a lot more manly than Tracey Barnard. As the Star’s headline claims: “THIS IS A WOMAN!”

It’s a proud boast, and for many a welcome departure from the Sun’s usual take on womanhood – today’s Page 3, Sam from Manchester, “is furious that Russian leader Vladimir Putting has been stirring up a nuclear threat at the G8 summit. “What a nasty piece of work,” says Sam, displaying her own warheads for our inspection. Despots should think twice before tackling our Sam’s frontline.

So this is Tracey, the epitome of womanhood. And to prove it, the Sun publishes a copy of Tracey’s birth certificate.

Tracey’s view on Putin is not stated. But she is thought to be happy to let him ‘ave it should he should car to ever want it…

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