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Big Brother’s Shabnam Paryani Stalks Robbie Williams And Fame

by | 7th, June 2007

shabnam-big-brother.jpgBIG Brother’s Shabnam Paryani is telling the world why she can’t have sex. And it’s not because she’s on national telly.

Pictured in the Sport easting a banana, Shabnam tells us that she finds sex painful. In conversation with Company magazine, Shabnam, favourite to leave the show tomorrow night, recalls the first time she had intercourse.

As Shabnam muses on her sexual liaisons, readers may wonder how this unknown London receptionist came to be interviewed by a national magazine?

There is no little suspicion that Shabnam sees herself as someone born to be famous. So what if she leaves the show tomorrow night, her self-confessed “fascinating personality” will shine through.

And she will meet the great and good. As the Mirror reports, Shabnam was once sacked as a TV runner for sneaking into Robbie Williams’ dressing room.

“She used to hassle celebrities like mad,” says a source. “She’s ridiculously obsessive, to be honest she’s a bit mad.”

There was a time, long, long ago, when all Big Brother contestants were “a bit mad, me”. Now they are media-savvy wannabes, raised on a diet of talent-free celebrity and “I can do that brazenness”. Being mad is not enough. You have to be desperate and have an agent.

The Mirror says Shabnam auditioned for the TV show Britain’s Got Talent. She failed. And, as has been stated, Shabnam featured on C4’s Embarrassing Illnesses show, complaining of extreme dandruff.

It might take a show like Extreme Dandruff, Outrageous Piles or Sweat Glands Uncut to give Shabnam the forum her career craves.

In the meantime she’s eating her banana and telling us about her non-sex life…

Shabnam to go

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