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Al Gore: Iraq Is Like Global Warming

by | 7th, June 2007

AL Gore. Go! Gore! Go! And if you can tie yourself to a dynamo as you run, then so much the more green and energy efficient. Says Al:

“Many of the consequences the scientists have warned us about are happening, and they are happening much more quickly than even the worst of the computer-model projections had led them to believe,” he said.

The corny humor, too: “Thank you for the standing ovation,” he joked to the several hundred fans waiting for a signature. He was signing both his books: “The Assault on Reason” and “An Inconvenient Truth.”

His biggest applause line came when he talked about the need to end the war, which he compared to global warming.

“In both cases, the facts were ignored,” he said.

Global warming is like Iraq? And people want him to stand for the presidency?

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