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Car Crime: Nigel Dowsett’s Guide To Customer Service

by | 7th, June 2007

CAR salesmen, like middle-aged trainspotters and Cabinet ministers, seem to have an innate dodginess about them.

But while the majority of those involved in the motor trade are no doubt hard-working and honest as the day is long (probably), the behaviour of one Nigel Dowsett will have done little to improve the image of the industry.

After a customer, Andrew Barber, had changed his mind about purchasing a car from Dowsett’s showrooms in Dorset, the 49-year-old salesman went round to Barber’s house where he proceeded to unleash a tirade of verbal abuse, which culminated in the two mens’ heads colliding.

Barber is reported to have hurt his nose in the clash. Poor dear.

The victim’s wife, apparently more interested in earning a few quid on You’ve Been Framed than protecting her other half, caught the confrontation on video.

Weymouth magistrates court heard that the bad feeling had begun after Barber bought a 2002 Daewoo from Bowsett for £2,750. While Barber was allowed to drive his new purchase away before his cheque cleared, he almost immediately began having trouble with the car, which needed a wheel bearing replaced.

Dowsett then offered the unhappy customer £250 compensation, but Barber decided instead to cancel the cheque and return the car. At which point, all hell broke loose. Although admittedly that is rather over-stating the scale of the incident.

Dowsett was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £50 compensation. £50? That’ll teach him.

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