Anorak News | Big Brother’s Emily Parr On ‘Fat Niggers’ And ‘Pakis’

Big Brother’s Emily Parr On ‘Fat Niggers’ And ‘Pakis’

by | 8th, June 2007

emily-parr-hip-hop.jpgBIG Brother Emily Parr has been “DISOWNED” on the Mirror’s front page.

Inside Emily’s uncle James Coughlin says Emily’s use of the world “nigger” in the presence of Charley Uchea is “Disgusting”.

It is disrespectful. In the parlance of the street – although not one Emily has ever visited – Emily has dissed Charley, the greater Parr family and the Mirror, for whom the word is so awful it is produced as “n****r”.

“It’s a friendly term,” says Emily, Big Brother’s white bitch ho, “you know, making fun of people, being in a group. I would never use any offensive words like that, you know? I’m a kind girl, I’ve got a big heart for everybody.” As the Star’s front page says: “EMILY: I’M NO BIG BROTHER RACIST.”

Emily should stop there before she tells us that it’s only thanks to her innate sense of middle-class mores and suburban values that she’s able to tolerate black people like Charley and not burn them in their beds.

Back in the Mirror and BBC radio presenter DJ Spoony, a man of colour, is telling Mirror readers that no-one should use the “N-“WORD”.

Over in the Sun, former Big Brother housemate Derek Laud, an IC3 male, says that Emily’s use of the word “n*****” risks offending many good British men and women”.

Good people don’t say the word nigger, says Derek. Only bad people do. Emily is bad, and not in a 1980s street Michael Jackson way.

And Big Brother is good, on the side of the Shilpas. As the Mail’s headline says: “We will not tolerate any Big Brother racism says Channel 4. (But we’ll show it if it pulls in the viewers.)”

And if it sells papers. It really is that cynical. Shock sells. And as we have seen with the Princess Diana documentary, Channel 4 loves to shock.

Back in the Sun and readers hear from Stacey Jones, who went to college with Emily. “We all knew her racist side would come out on TV,” says Stacey, willing to deliver her Cannonball Special to add more pain to Emily, who is said to be “beyond gutted”.

“She hates ethnic minorities and fat people,” says Stacey. We learn that Emily once called a black girl a “fat n*****” who should “go work at KFC”.

(Notice how the Sun has replaced another letter of nigger with a star. It won’t be long before the word disappears completely.)

“There was one girl called Gloria and Emily used to call her fat n***** behind her back,” says Stacey. And Nathan Patel says that when he began dating one of Emily’s friends he heard Emily refer to him as a “P**I” or a “****”.

Meanwhile, Emily, who gave herself a 10 out of 10 for intelligence is holed up in hotel wondering where she goes from here.

And wondering how to get hold of Jo O’Meara. And whether she can be the new Jade Goody the gossip sheets crave…

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