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Paris Hilton Is Sick Of Her Prison Junior Suite

by | 8th, June 2007

paris-hilton.jpgTHE video tapes of Paris Hilton’s conjugal visits have yet to seep onto the Internet.

Paris Hilton’s list of jail demands, including an information sheet for guards on how she likes to be stripped searched, have yet to reach auction sites.

And Paris is already free. After just three days in her Hilton junior suite at the Century Regional Detention Facility, LA, Paris is back at home.

Some punishment indeed as Hilton is forced to swap her “filthy cell” for house arrest. Until her sentence is served, Paris will have to make do with her mansion, her fridge and all the trappings of extreme wealthy and privilege.

The Star says the whole thing is a “SICK JOKE”, noting that Paris was set free just three days into her 26-says sentence. News is that Paris was struck down by a “mystery rash” all over her body.

So Paris is now in the recovery position in her £10,000 mirrored bed. As the Mail says, the only thing Paris will take from her weekend mini-break in jail is an electronic ankle bracelet.

And what of her three-days jail time? The Mail says Paris checked in after 10:30pm and left before 1am two nights later. You’d expect Paris, heir to a hotel chain fortune, to remain in situ until the normal check-out time at noon.

But such was Hilton’s mental state that she had to get out. Paris is the Sun’s front-page “SUICIDE BLONDE”.

But she is on the mend. And to make her feel better, Paris has written a note to the world, saying she has “learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes”.

And what odds on learning about these errors in Paris’s Prison Diary the book and Three Nights Inside Paris the DVD and X-rated webcam..?

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