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Madeleine McCann’s Wearside Jack And Toscano’s Suspect

by | 8th, June 2007

madeleine-mccann-1.jpgAFTER weeks of no news, and much speculation, we learn that Madeleine McCann was “SNATCHED BY ORDER BY GANG”.

And not just any gang, but a “paedophile gang”. The Express leads with this hideous development, telling readers how Spanish journalist Antonio Toscano claims to have met members of an international crime ring which specialises in kidnapping children.

It seems that while British journalists have been turning up the volume on Madeleine McCann’s parents, a Spanish hack has been trying to crack the case.

Toscano says a man was spotted in a bar in Seville, two hours from the Portuguese border. This man, a known paedophile, apparently told the reporter how he planned to travel to the Algarve. This meeting occurred days before Madeleine’s abduction.

A source tells the Express: “He was hired by two other people to abduct Madeleine, who had been identified some time before she disappeared, possibly in the UK. He was doing this on the orders of others.”

So it was this known felon, right? Or wrong. The Express doesn’t say. It just gives front-page space to Toscano’s tale. And in so doing the paper spreads the anxiety. There really are paedos on every corner. They are at the airport. They are watching. They communicate across borders. They are everywhere. The evidence? Senor Toscano says so. And that will do for us.

But before we take to the streets on paedo hunt, we hear a phone ringing. The police take the call. A voice. “I know where Maddie is,” it says. The Sun hears it too. It commands: “FIND THE CALLER.”

But a police source says how the “urgency of the situation waned”. Kate and Gerry McCann were told of the call and advised not to board a plane. The caller might call again. The man may want to speak with them and they must be instantly contactable.

But the Mirror says this is “no longer regarded as a significant line of inquiry”. So much for rolling news. Readers hear about a sensational new development that has already been consigned to the bottom draw.

This caller is Madeleine McCann’s Wearside Jack, the Sunderland hoaxer who claimed to be the Yorkshire Ripper – “I am Jack. I see you are still having no luck catching me…”

Gerry McCann says this call “turned out to be nothing of interest”. Of course, he could be bluffing, keeping it low-key to not scare off this mystery caller.

Better to keep the media out of it, lest they provide too much heat and not enough light.

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