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Labour Deputy Leadership: Hilary Benn And Other Women

by | 8th, June 2007

THE contest for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party is is exciting the mindzzzzzz. Or not. Whoever wins will play second fidle to Gordon Brown. But what if the deputy were an interesting character, a vocal and charismatic alternative to Brown’s dullness:

Mr Benn is currently the bookies’ favourite. His surname, his uncontentious job and because, as my colleague David Aaronovitch points out, some voters will think he is a woman will endear him to the membership. But, decent though he is, he is hardly complementary to Mr Brown, and that is what is needed in a deputy leader. We will already have a PM who is deeply serious, earnest and puritan. Do we really want another such as his deputy?

Will any of them dare to be interesting?

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