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Big Brother: Tracey Barnard Is Missing Presumed Beige

by | 8th, June 2007

I HAVE now been watching Big Brother live for over two hours, In that time not once – NOT ONCE – has the camera picked up Tony Adams look-alike Tracey.

Earlier in the week Tracey was press-ganged into wearing make-up. Paraded before the cameras, the housemates told her how great she looked. She didn’t. She looked like Tony Adams with make-up on.

With her pink hair gelled back into a bunch and her tight-jawed manic grin covered in an emulsion of beige product, Tracey blended in with her peers. And then she disappeared.

Big Bother is, of course, no clear an uninterrupted view of the action. It is edited. And the suspicion at Anorak Towers is that rather then blending in with the wallpaper Tracey has been cut.

Tracey is not good telly. The camera likes Shabnam (favourite to be the first housemate evicted) and Lesley who aims at Jean Brodie in her prime and succeeds in looking like a magistrate in a provincial court.

Of course, Tracey is a woman on the edge. At any moment she could do the unexpected. At odds of 39-1 for the chop, Tracey is worth a look.

If you can find her…

Update: Tracey has been “in the shower”. Like Booby Ewing. Only with more crust. And now less make-up.

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