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Big Brother’s Gerry Stergiopoulos Toots His Horn

by | 9th, June 2007

gerry-stergiopoulos.jpgBIG Brother’s newest housemate, Gerry Stergiopoulos, is promising to push back the envelope of TV firsts and have live TV sex with both a man and a woman.

In the Star’s front-page story “I’LL BED TWINS AND ZIGGY”, Gerry outlines his aim to turn the house into an orgy of love and lust.

“I don’t drink so sex is my only vice,” says Gerry. “And trust me – I’m very good at it.”

We trust you, Gerry. But this Big Brother housemate is of a doubting bent and wants to prove his claim to one and all. To display his love technique Gerry will pull the Marchant girls and Ziggy.

Gerry, Greek by birth, will endeavour to transform the house into a Faliraki meat market, the small town lothario chasing the blondes. All housemates are allowed to take a luxury item into the hosue and what odds that Gerry’s is a mid-range moped?

Gerry says he’s “more butch than bitch”. And thanks to the wonders of MySpace vanity publishing, we know more of Gerry.

“I’m a gym-toned boy, but I’m no cookie-cut-out fag – I’m too well-dressed to be straight,” says Gerry. What’s this? Is Gerry saying that all well-dressed men are gay? Has he just outed David Beckham, Chris Eubank and all those other men who routinely come near the top end of best dressed male polls?

Gerry goes on: “I have a weakness for smooth, cute, blue-eyed passive blondes.”

Will they be strong enough to fend him off?

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