Anorak News | Big Brother’s Charley Uchea Calls Chanelle Hayes ‘White Trash’ And ‘Chalky’ Emily Parr In Auschwitz

Big Brother’s Charley Uchea Calls Chanelle Hayes ‘White Trash’ And ‘Chalky’ Emily Parr In Auschwitz

by | 9th, June 2007

charley-uchea-pits.jpgTHERE are demands in the Star for Big Brother Charley Uchea’s head.

The Walthamstow dog track has lost it bunny and needs a replacement for tonight’s Delouse Derby.

No, not really. That for later. For now, the Star says Big Brother fans are in uproar that with Emily Parr evicted for using racist language –albeit in a ham-fisted attempt at street culture – Charley is allowed to remain in the house.

There are claims that Charley has labelled Emily “chalky”, called Chanelle “white trash” and later told her to “paint your face black”.

Says a Big Brother producer: “Of course Big Brother takes all allegations of racism seriously and will investigate the claim and take action if necessary.” That’s the post-Shilpa party line.

How much better it would have been had Big Brother just kept Emily in the house, allowed the housemates to sort it out between themselves, just like in real life. But the tabloids would have got berserk. Black celebrities and former housemates would have been lined up to condemn the show. And Deranged of Surbiton would have called the local police station and reported a crime.

So Big Brother becomes big brother.

Emily Parr – A Nazi Business

Meanwhile the destruction of Emily Parr continues at no small pace with the Sun screaming “Em was halfwit at Auschwitz”.

Readers learn: “Giggling Emily Parr shocked pals with her lack of respect for Auschwitz victims — by having a SNOWBALL FIGHT on a school trip to the Nazi death camp.”

Given that there exists an entire sub-section of sub-human life given to Holocaust denial, singling out a teenage Emily our for chucking a snowball in the factory of horror and laughing is not a little unfair.

But then no-one said Big Brother was fair.

And we hear a former classmate of La Parr’s dutifully tell the world:

“We’d all been told to be quiet and respectful. But all Emily wanted to do was have a snowball fight with some guy she’d just met. She has no respect for anyone — she couldn’t give two hoots. All she cares about is herself.”

Another source tells us:

“To the horror of college friends she even pushed in front of a black girl in the dinner queue and said, ‘Whites first.’ “The girl was really angry but Emily just laughed it off.”

Emily is 19. She might not be the most verligte of blondes, but she might not be a verkrampte, jackbooted racist, either.

“She will forever be known as the racist girl who brought down Big Brother,” says another insider.

But chin up and chin jutted out, Emily. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. And amid the Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, jihadists and white supremicists, Emily might be a success story in a niche group.

Or restored to the house and apologised to…

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