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Madeleine McCann: In Argentina And Balloons

by | 9th, June 2007

REMEBER that phone call that was of no importance, the one from a caller saying he knows where Madeleine McCann is? Well, now the Times tells us:

The mystery call that police believe may contain “credible” information on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been traced to a mobile telephone registered in Argentina.

Detectives hope that the caller may hold the clue to the whereabouts of the four-year-old, who was abducted from the bed of her Algarve holiday apartment 37 days ago.

Kate and Gerry McCann still hope contact can be re-established before tomorrow when they travel to Morocco in the final of a series of visits to raise awareness of their daughter’s disappearance. They will then remain in Portugal, co-ordinating the search for Madeleine.

Did the McCanns not want the media to now about it? Gerry McCann said this call “turned out to be nothing of interest”. Anorak wondered: “Of course, he could be bluffing, keeping it low-key to not scare off this mystery caller. Better to keep the media out of it, lest they provide too much heat and not enough light.”

Ah, yes the media. Over in the Sun:

MADDIE parents Gerry and Kate McCann raise their heads and their hopes yesterday as they launch a giant Sun appeal across Europe.

They released 1,000 special yellow balloons from Praia da Luz, where their four-year-old was snatched 37 days ago.

The same number were launched at Tower Bridge in London, Real Madrid’s Bernabau stadium in Spain, and Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground.

All The Sun balloons have the 0044 1883731336 hotline number plus labels with a picture of Maddie and the web address”

Makes you wonder who is setting the agenda on this horrible story – the criminals or the Sun?

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