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Church of England Threatens Resistance: Fall of Man

by | 9th, June 2007

FROM Bob in the Anorak Forums: (The story is here)

I see the Bishop of Manchester has lifted his cassock into a twist over some fantasy alien “shoot em up” game apparently set in a building he laughingly calls “gods house”.

No doubt the Bish craves the publicity as it might somehow be favourable to the CofE and get it on the front pages.

This to me says a great deal about this bunch of gormless CofE vicars.

Here we have an organisation which reportedly allows perverts to continue within its ranks. Reportedly effectively does sod all about them. Reportedly allows them to continue to have contact with young and vulnerable people over many years.

When the public and authorities finally get wise to these abusers – because eventually some adherents finally have the courage to go public – the CofE PR spokesmen and women offer trite and condescending words to those affected and to the rest of society which expects and demands much better.

Elsewhere in society strict rules and regulations apply but the church may or may not follow them. But then it is a religious organisation after all.

When one of their senior members is reportedly alleged to have been drunk and disorderly , chucking toys out of someone else’s car which presumably he wasn’t invited into , the whole episode is hushed up and no further action is taken by the Church leadership.

Compare these recent reportedly factual instances with the current contrived publicity.

A fantasy alien computer game upsets the Bishop. Why? Simply because its imaginary setting seems to have been in a CofE building and its imaginary viloence is a bit , well , violent. Not like real Christian history I suppose.

I suppose we should not expect any better. After all the CofE markets fantasies big time so a fantasy game to them is their bread and butter and probably gets close to their idea of reality.

Whereas reality elsewhere in the UK might include child abuse by unsavoury characters and abuse of ordinary law abiding people by drunken yobs. And the perpetrators in both instances are human , not computer simulations.

They might even on occasion – heaven forbid – be priests.

Judging by its different responses to fantasy computer games and the realities of life, the CofE doesn’t seem to care that much about the real world.

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