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Big Brother’s Grass-Mates: Telling Tales On Chanelle

by | 10th, June 2007

leanne-megson.jpgONE benefit of younger Big Brother housemates is that former schoolmates are in ready supply. (Pic: Craig Fleming)

The wounds of stolen boyfriends, pushing in the dinner queue and spiteful laughter are fresh in the mind.

While there are rumours of Lesley’s short walk to freedom stymieing stories of sponge and scandal from sources within the Women’s Institute, and the Greenham Wimin’s testimony hangs over Carole’s head like a Turkish barber’s petrol-soaked rag, teenagers possess the real urge to tell all and see their names in print.

And the Star gets a call from Chanelle’s former classmates at Middelstown School. Rebecca Lawson feels duty bound to tell us: “Chanelle was a nasty, bullying bitch. She made my life and numerous other girls’ lives hell by the way she used to pick on us.”
Chanelle was a bully? Like Emily?

“I used to go home most nights in tears because she had been calling me names, giving me dirty looks or blanking me. It sounds quite dramatic but it was like mental torture.”
Rebecca, 19, goes on: “She was relentless. She was always spreading rumours, calling you names or telling people to ignore you.”

Rebecca, now a customer service rep, claims Chanelle attacked a fellow pupil.
She says: “Chanelle kept punching and scratching her. No one dared stop her because they knew they would be next.”

Says the alleged victim: “Chanelle only ever punched me on that occasion but yes, she did bully me and a lot of the other girls.”

And here’s Leanne Megson, 19, telling us in the Star (views, we are told, originally expressed in the Wakefield Guardian): “I always liked school but I never wanted to go because of the bullying. My hair started falling out in clumps because of the stress.”

Yes, dear reader, this is the same Leanne Megson, a Miss Wakefield emeritus who represented her parish in Miss England 2005.

Leanne, now a model, adds: “Seeing her on Big Brother has brought it all back. The feelings I have are still raw.”

Expect to hear more of Leanne’s trauma any time soon. And listen out for news of how Carole once made a risque comment about a Cruise missile…

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