Anorak News | Please Sir: Make Employees Pay For Staff English Lessons

Please Sir: Make Employees Pay For Staff English Lessons

by | 10th, June 2007

ANYONE want to hire a pregnant , non-English speaking worker? And pay for her to learn English? It will help the immigrants feel welcome. Yeah, really

Employers will be told to pay for language lessons for immigrant workers who have a poor grasp of English, under proposals to be unveiled this week.

The Government-appointed commission to improve the integration of ethnic groups will conclude that it is vital that everyone settling in Britain should be able to speak English. Too many groups rely on their native languages and are consequently uncomfortable with public services and people outside their community, its report is set to say.

The Commission on Integration and Cohesion, which was promised by Tony Blair in the wake of the July 7 bombings in 2005, says that moves to prevent immigrants from being marginalised will help to ease racial tensions and fight the appeal of extremist ideologies.

So come on, employ the migrant worker and pay extra to train her. That’ll improve things and end discrimination…

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