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Big Brother Chanelle And Shabnam Get It On

by | 11th, June 2007

shabnam.jpgCONCERNS aplenty when Big Brother turned the house over to women.

Getting so many women together on one room ensured a party, but of what sort – Hen, Tea or Tupperware?

But the result is something else. And today the Sport brings front-page news of: “SHABNAM AND CHANELLE CAUGHT IN LESBO ROMP.”

Readers are treated to a green-tinged image of a thigh, an arm and some hair. Hard for the layman to identify the protagonists, no doubt, but the Sport is expert in such matters and informs us: “Chanelle got into bed with Shabnam & they started kissing & giggling.”

The paper looks on as Chanelle and Shabnam “finally see what they have been waiting for”.

But not every Sport reader can stand to wait so long and this must come as something of a shock to they who gave up on the long vigil and bought into the Sports “£1 QUID VIDS” on their mobiles.

Or not. As the Star’s front page says (“BB BANS HOTTEST LESBIAN SEX EVER”), viewers will not see Shabnam and Chanelle kiss. They will not experience the “raunchiest girl-on-girl action in reality TV history”.

For a dose of “HOT LESBRO GIRL ACTION”, Big Brother watchers will have to tune into the Star and see Shabnam and Chanelle “turning lesbian”.

And hear Shabnam turn to her lover and say: “Thank goodness that was in the dark! Can you imagine what the headlines would have been tomorrow!”

Shabnam, so desperate to be known, so clued up on the machinations of celebrity and tabloid, gets the headline but fails to realise Big Brother can see in the dark?

But the headlines are not that great for Shabnam because they don’t mention her by name.

Can Shabnam imagine that? Probably not…

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