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Princess Diana’s Stolen Photos?

by | 11th, June 2007

princess-diana.jpgPRINCESS Diana is smiling.

Today, Diana is wearing a black gown, pearl and sapphire choker, pearl drop earrings and a smile.

It is good to know that with in the maelstrom of changing fashions, Diana’s look remains as constant as her position on the Express’ front page.

And what news of Diana? In “DIANA DEATH PHOTOS SHOWN,” the paper is to investigate how “disturbing images” of Diana’s final moments were made public.

We look anew at the Express’ front-page picture. And wonder if this is such a photo? Is this how Diana looked in her final moments, maintaining poise and purpose as the flashbulbs popped?

The story is that “secret agents” have been linked with “conspiracy plots” surrounding Diana’s death.

An unnamed lawyer tells us: “There is no doubt that the secret services would have every reason to steal the photographs and then distribute them, causing maximum upset and confusion.”


“They want to make out that Diana died from a simple road accident, but most people know the truth is far more complicated.”

Most people. Not those people who read the French report into the case. Not those people who read Lord Stevens’ report. Not most people who have read the stories form themselves. Not them. They believe what they are told.

The Express concerns itself with the most people who know the real story. The most people who can see past the facts and into the heart of the matter. The most people who can’t believe Diana died in anything as mundane as a car accident.

Those people…

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