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Seány And Gerry’s Big Brother Gay ‘Romp’

by | 12th, June 2007

seany-and-gerry.jpgBIG Brother’s Seány is a brilliant laugh. So long as he’s the one telling the joke.

He’s the good laugh pulling a chair away and as the victim lands hard on his coccyx, saying: “Come on, can’t you take joke? Some people really need to loosen up.” Spread the love.

Tugging the covers off a sleeping Lesley was not a funny joke. It was aggressive, mean, less happy than happy-slap.

Seány is not a likeable person. But he is bonding with Gerry. And their double act now takes in a double bed: think Michael Flatley and George Micheal doing Morecambe and Wise. On second thoughts, don’t – you may never be able to close your eyes again.

And here are Seány and Gerry in the Star. And the news is that “outraged viewers” have “slammed TV bosses” for showing the pair engaged in a “prime-time gay romp”.

One viewer, Angie Robinson, tells the Star: “It was on at 6:30 in the evening when my daughter was watching. It’s not the kind of thing you want people to see.”

TV rules are clear on homosexuality: gay men are enjoyable when they are alone, dressed as a woman, buff and camp, or asking for the ‘scores on the doors’; gay men are not likeable when they are in couples, ginger and approaching middle age in a yellow T-shirt.

Lesbians are only ever acceptable when given the epithet “lipstick” or dessed in period costume.

And what of this “ROMP”? Big Brother has broadcast Jade Goody fouling her foul mouth with a balding Brummie; ‘Chicken’ Stu and Michelle Marsh under a table, and Anthony Hutton foaming a Jacuzzi with Makosi. None of it was pleasant.

And all of it was far more revolting than Gerry ruffling Seány’s hair and draping an arm around him. We see more homoeroticism on Match of the Day.

But Angie is not impressed, hearing her nine-year-old daughter Aleisha say: “Ugh, look at that, Mummy.”

Rather than tell Aleisha to go and do her homework or ask her if she‘s got any friends to text, caring mum calls the papers and gets her daughter’s name in print, beneath a shot of Gerry and Seány in bed.

That’s much more wholesome.

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