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Big Brother Stargazing: Charley Uchea’s Future

by | 12th, June 2007

PUBLICIST Mark Borkowski is estimating how much money Big Brother housemates can earn when it’s all over.

Borkowski offers his opinion on each housemate, via the Star.

He says Chanelle can be Big Brother’s Chanelle by day and a Posh Spice look-alike by night.

Ziggy will find work “flooding in”.

Laura can “do a Michelle McManus and” and have her poo examined on the telly. Lesley could write a column for a middle-market newspaper. Charley will seek out a rich boyfriend.

Emily is “finished” and should remain in hiding.

Nice try, Borkoswki. But wrong. Anorak has looked into the stars and the tea leaves and therein learnt the truth. And we see… We see… Charley…

Charley: The new celebrity quarry at Walthamstow dog track. Ever since Live TV’s News Bunny was mauled the world of greyhound racing has been looking for some stardust. Granted the greater part of Charley will be left trailing in her hair’s wake, but no-one said fame didn’t cost. And then there is the ever–present expectation that Charley will attract the favours of a wealthy greyhound player. What price Charley becoming the Wagging Wag?

More stargazing to follow…

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