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Producing The Big Brother Turd

by | 12th, June 2007

CHANNEL 4’s output is more excreta than creation. And Big Brother is just so utterly dreadful. At least that’s what Tory MP Micheal Gove says:

It has become practically a full-time freak show enterprise, its executives merchants in human weakness. Big Brother is, of course, the stand-out example of this descent into exploitation TV. Last week the channel wanted us to applaud its executives for making an example of some poor teenager who had deployed a racist epithet in a misguided effort to appear “street”. We were being invited to admire the channel’s now impeccably antiracist credentials, after the unfortunate publicity that blighted the last series.

Not that he watches the dreadful show. He just knows about it. Maybe he reads his paper’s Big Brother blog? Or talks about it with his workmates?

Bullying is as inevitable in the Big Brother house as goals are in the Premiership — that’s why people watch.

He’s right. Football is like Big Brother – everyone talks about it and watches it on the telly. In an age of media choice and the Internet, Big Brother manages to be a show that gives us all common ground, whether you be a gangsta ho, a chalky-faced “nigger” or an MP trying to fill his newspaper column…

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