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Alex Hurricane Higgins Throws Punch At Snooker Referee

by | 12th, June 2007

alex-higgins-fight.jpgIN a world filled with cares and woe it is nice to learn Alex Hurricane Higgins is still alive and kicking, writes AGW in the Anorak Forums.

It way it is even nicer to know the former World Champion snooker player is as temperamental, difficult and down right stupidly bolshie as ever.

Last night in Spennymoor, Co. Durham, next door to one Tony’s Blair constituency, the tempestuous one was playing an exhibition match in the Leisure centre when a foul was

“I didn’t”, said Alex. “You did,” not unnaturally said Stockton-on-Tees referee Terry Riley.

Chaos then ensued. Alex threw and landed a punch on the ref and the referee (echoing one John Two Jags Prescott, grabbed Alex pushed him backward along the table before his opponent Jimmy White and members of the crowd jumped in to save the fragile Northern Ireland cancer sufferer.

The Ref was later said by Alex to have over reacted.

This was last night’s Northern Echo photograph of Alex. I am delighted to learn he has survived and still able to swing a punch. He reminds me of so many good people I know.

In fact the match went on for a few minutes without the roughed up referee and Alex left the arena, to return about 45 minutes later to sign autographs. I hope the more astute collectors remembered to get Terry Riley’s too.

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