Anorak News | Prince William And Harry’s Quest For Princess Diana On US TV

Prince William And Harry’s Quest For Princess Diana On US TV

by | 12th, June 2007

diana-doll.jpg“DIANA,” says the cover of Hello! “The princes shown to defending their mother’s memory.”

Or “the memory of their mother”. Diana’s memory is just fine. As readers know, Princess Diana never died, she just learnt to readjust. And while the woman trawls the racks on the fabled Sixth Floor of Harvey Nichols, she can read about her boys.

The Concert for Diana is almost upon us, that Wembley extravaganza that will see the crowd thrill to the strains of Duran Duran, Status Quo, Will Young and the English National Ballet. It will be the funereal wonderment that will make the crowd feel truly at one with their idol.

But before the gang can mark a decade of Daily Express headlines, memorabilia and tears, Hello! hears the princes talking with US TV host Matt Lauer.

The Today Show anchor says the princes talks “a lot about their mum and there pressure they face… the exposure and the over-exposure and their quest for normalcy.”

It’s a mission the British people have seen played out their TV screens and newspapers. The Royal Family became just like us football watching, beer swilling, tax-paying serfs.

Then Prince Harry went to war. Or didn’t. Because he isn’t just like us. He’s a prince. And princes are rare things that need to be cherished.

So the boys will never achieve “normalcy”. And Harry, who is not fighting in Iraq, should stop looking for it in the bottom of a bottle of hooch or down some girl’s top. And William won’t find it in hosting a televised concert for his mother.

They’ll have a good time looking, but they won’t find it…

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