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Sexism And The City For The Apprentice

by | 13th, June 2007

WHILE The Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins may have done herself no favours, Sir Alan Sugar’s scrutiny of her family and childcare situation belied a sinister sexism which still thrives in the City and indeed, all over the country.

According to new figures released yesterday, over 1,000 women a day are launching equal pay lawsuits, with many of the new cases being instigated by low-paid public sector female workers.

The rise of quicker tribunals and more ‘no-win, no-fee’ legal firms, along with European rules which now allow women to claim up to six years’ back-pay, have all triggered this enormous increase in lawsuits.

Helen Beech of Clarkslegal says, “Previously, equal pay tribunals saw cases last years, which made them costly for individuals and perhaps deterred them. But no-win, no–fee lawyers and the fine-tuning of the process mean cases can be pursued over a short period with minimal financial risk.”

An estimated 50,000 female council workers and an additional 10,000 in the NHS have now taken action, with the total bill estimated to reach £10billion.

Why can’t they just be grateful they have a job? And make us all a cup of coffee…

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