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Halifax Highlight Poor Home Security

by | 13th, June 2007

cat-burglar-anorak.JPG ‘THE Modus Operandi of a Burglar’ may sound like the title of a thrilling novel, but instead it’s the rather overly dramatic title of a new report sponsored by Halifax Home Insurance.

One suspects the author of said report, criminologist Martin Gill, got a little carried away with himself.

The study, conducted by Gill in association with Halifax, looked into home security in the UK and its findings will give the humble burglar quite a boost.

According to the report, 34 per cent of householders who do have an alarm fitted, rarely actually activate it; 33 per cent of neighbours presume that if an alarm is going off, it’s due to a fault in the electronics; 65 per cent of householders surveyed also confessed to regularly leaving windows ajar and doors unlocked.

Even more worryingly, burglars have apparently become highly skilled operators, learning such complicated skills as disabling alarms, dismantling patio doors and forcing open sash windows.

Professor Gill says, “This report shatters any preconception that burglary is an ‘unskilled’ crime. Indeed, the invention and attention to detail shown by this group of burglars shows that they are indeed extremely professional in the way they go about making your home their business.”

It almost makes you want to take up the profession yourself.

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