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John Reid’s Anti-Paedo Campaign Criminalises Parents

by | 14th, June 2007

JOHN Reid wants to get tough on paedophiles. He wants to chemically castrate them. He wants single mother to be able to get infomation on a new a partner. He wants families to be able to ask police about paedophiles in their area and only be told if there is a direct threat to their child. And they must keep the information to themselves. As the Mail reports:

Parents who warn their neighbours about a dangerous paedophile living nearby could be jailed under John Reid’s new plans to deal with sex offenders.

They could be charged with inciting violence or a disturbance if they pass on any confidential details given them by police.

Campaigners said Mr Reid’s proposals – his last major act as Home Secretary – were a shambles. Far from helping worried parents, they will create a dreadful dilemma about warning other families.

And of making a mistake and inciting the thugs:

A man with severe learning difficulties was imprisoned, tortured and killed after he was falsely accused of being a paedophile, a court was told.

Steven Hoskin, 39, who was described as a child trapped in a man’s body, was led to a viaduct where he fell 100ft to his death after months of torment, during which he was dragged around by a dog lead and forced to act as a slave.

Mr Hoskin, was allegedly burnt with cigarettes until he “confessed” to being a paedophile and the walls of his flat were daubed with grafitti, saying “f****** nonce should be hung”.

The alleged ringleaders were Darren Stewart, 30, and his 16-year-old girlfriend. After torturing Mr Hoskin with lit cigarettes the couple are alleged to have forced him to swallow 70 paracetamol tablets.

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