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Tracey, Nikki And Carole On Big Brother’s Sponsored Walk

by | 14th, June 2007

nikki-maxwell-lesley.jpgBIG Brother is in “CRISIS”.

Well, an entire week has passed without incident; no housemate has racially abused another one or had sex on top of the oven, or in it. All less than what we’ve come to expect, granted, but surely not a crisis.

But it is. The Star reports that Tracey Barnard, Carole Vincent and Nicky Maxwell are all threatening to leave the house and join Lesley Brain on that sponsored walk for the WI.
Following another row with “super bitch” Charley Uchea, the trio said they have had enough and wanted out.

Says Nicky: “Why am I putting myself through this, staying with people who take the piss out of me? I don’t want to be here any more… I can’t be bothered to be here any more.”

Tracey thought about it. “I’m 37 years old and I didn’t come here to have my summer shot up with all this s**t… I’m not bothered about being in the house.”

Carole says: “I’m starting to think, what’s the point of being here?”

On the bright side, if one of them leaves before tomorrow night’s eviction, Shabnam will remain in the house. Once again the woman one reporter likened to Amy Winehouse meet’s Shrek’s donkey will survive by default.

Conventional weapons cannot evict Shabnam. On the Betfair markets. Shabnam is 240-1 to win. That must be worth a small punt. Open a Betfair account here and get an extra tenner.

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