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Hillary Clinton To Become Mr And Mrs President

by | 14th, June 2007

bill_hilary_clinton.jpgTHE Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton presidential succession line is looking increasingly likely.

But what does it say about American democracy if only two families hold the strings of power for more than 20 years?

Hillary Clinton moved one step closer to the White House today following a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showing nationwide support for the Democrats at 52% and Republican support languishing at 31%.

The poll also showed a widening gap between Clinton and the other Democrat contenders.

The Journal (subscription required) says the figures are the most negative for Republicans in the poll’s 20-year history.

The Republicans have seen support among Hispanic voters severely cut following Republican opposition to immigration reform. Meanwhile, President Bush, who supported the reforms, has seen his approval ratings fall from 35% in April to 29%.

The Journal tries to take heart from the fact that the news is not all rosy for the Democrats either. The Democrat-controlled Congress has even worse approval ratings than the White House, at 23%.

But that cannot detract from the strong position Democratic nominees, particularly Clinton, currently find themselves in.

Three months ago, pollsters found that if Democratic frontrunner Clinton faced off against her opposite Republican Rudy Giuliani, the tough-talking former mayor would take 48% of the vote to Clinton’s 43%. Now the roles are reversed with Clinton on 48% and Giuliani on 43%.

Clinton can take even more confidence from the fact that her popularity among Democrats has increased from 36% to 39% while second-placed Barack Obama’s support has fallen from 31% to 28%.

Meanwhile among Republican candidates, Giuliani’s lead has slipped from 33% to 29% and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has drawn level with former Vietnam POW John McCain on 14%.

All three Republicans will no doubt be worried by the performance of former Tennessee Senator, and Law and Order star, Fred Thompson, who zipped ahead of Romney and McCain on 20% without even formally entering the race.

But even if Thompson were to outstrip them all he has one hell of a mountain to climb if he is going to reach Clinton; which raises all sorts of questions about the future White House:

Could America be about to get its first female President? Is Bill about to become the first First Husband? And since former presidents are always referred to as “Mr President” how confusing is it going to be for White House staff referring constantly to “the President” “Mr President” and “Mrs President?”

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