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Media Bias In The Middle East (Lebanon)

by | 15th, June 2007

SOMETIMES the news from the Middle East is coloured by opinion and bias. Really. And not just on the BBC:

A Lebanese TV news presenter has been sacked over comments in which she gloated over the assassination of anti-Syrian politician Walid Eido.

The presenter, who has not been named, then went on to name a Lebanese MP who would be assassinated next…

She was unaware that her microphone was on and that the comments were being broadcast live.

The open microphone captured the presenter saying: “Why did it take them so long to kill him?”

She and a male colleague, who was also sacked, can then be heard laughing.

“Ahmed Fatfat [another anti-Syrian MP] will be next. I’m counting them off,” she went on.

Spotter: Samizdata 

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