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Hope Above Expectation For Madeleine McCann

by | 16th, June 2007

mccann2.jpg“WE couldn’t get it out of our heads that she was likely to be dead and we were grieving,” says “heart consultant” Gerry McCann, father of missing girl Madeleine McCann. “But then the psychologist said, ‘Is there any other possibility?’ And we started to see that.”

“McCanns feared the worst,” says the Sun’s headline. News indeed for those among use who believed the McCanns would not be worried sick to discover their child was not in her bed.

Says “GP” Kate McCann: “I’ve felt guilty asking ‘Will this make or break my faith?’ But it’s done the opposite — it’s given us hope.”

Beneath and advert for an Alan Titchmarsh radio and another for a washing machine, the Express hears the McCanns speaking. Its front page announces: “MADELEINE: ‘WE BELIEVE SHE’S ALIVE.’”

Good that they do. Who cannot hope Madeleine McCann daughter is not found alive and well.

But it’s another day of no news. And we are, as ever, watching the parents

And this from Gerry McCann’s blog:

Six weeks since Madeleine disappeared. We believe Madeleine is alive and I am glad to say that following yesterday’s letter in the Telegraaf (Netherlands) there has been no evidence that Madeliene is in the area indicated although there will be further searches tomorrow.Kate and I picked up a friend from Faro airport who has been instrumental in helping with the campaign. He has been fantastic, producing the DVD of Madeleine to ‘Don’t you forget about me?’ which has been shown at many sporting events and concerts as well as producing the look for maddie logo and various posters. We spent most of the day updating each other and discussing future campaign ideas.

We are getting closer to appointing a campaign manager who will handle media liaison and coordinating events to keep Madeleine?s disappearance highly visible.

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