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Britain’s Got Talent And A Brass Eye For Ricky Bates

by | 16th, June 2007

happynow.jpg“BRITAIN’S GOT PERVERT,” says the Mirror’s headline featuring a picture not of a freed and innocent-until-proven–otherwise Michael Barrymore nor of Madeleine McCann’s latest suspect but of Britain’s Got Talent star Ricky Bates.

Master Bates is a 27-year-old “organist”. Bates is no longer on the show because he claims he has hurt his hand.

We need not tell you that this is no joking matter. And, as the paper reports, the wannabe has “a court conviction for indecently assaulting a boy of 14… Bates was in court three years ago in the Manchester area for tickling the youngster’s feet.” He is on the sex offenders’ register.

Once again this is Not Britain’s Got Brass Eye, a reality show based on the spoof news programme that once featured a campaign to raise paedophile awareness. Celebrities were invited to talk about how Internet paedophiles can project poison gas through a child’s keyboard using the new HOECS3 system and that paedophiles have more genes in common with crabs than humans.

As we say, paedophiles and the tabloid treatment of them are beyond satire. Police recognised Bates last Wednesday when close to eight million viewers saw him take off George Formby and Louis Armstrong while playing his organ.

“TALENT SINGER IS A PAEDO,” says the Star’s front-page headline.

Lancashire Police inform us: “One of our officers contacted the programme as a result of seeing this man on television as we thought it prudent to do so.”

Bates, who had thought himself safe from having his “sordid” secret exposed on a national TV show, confesses: “I was taken to hospital where an X-ray revealed a possible fracture. I cannot play. I am shattered. However I have already had a lot of offers of work so the appearance has worked.”


The horror…

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