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Gaza Gets The Fisk

by | 16th, June 2007

DIZZY wonders what the Independent makes of the news and views:

So the Palestinian Territories are in a kind of mini-civil war. Hamas Islamist nutters (also called terrorists by some) are running all over the place rounding up all sorts including the slightly more secular Fatah members (also called terrorists by some). So what does Robert Fisk have to say about it all in his front page article of the Indpendent? A paper, incidentally, that defended itself ferociously from the criticism of Blair that it was a “viewspaper” rather than a newspaper?

I imagine you’ve guessed already, but the Fisk article isn’t news, it’s pure opinion. However, don’t expect an opinion or analysis on the current happenings in Gaza. I know the title might make you think that’s what you’re getting but actually, what you get, is an article slagging off Israel, America and the West in general.

I know, I know, par for the course for Fisk right? But this time it’s slightly different. Normally he places blame for whatever is happening on those three things. This time however he knows it’s got sod all to do with us so instead he just has a good slag under the guise of commentary on the Hamas craziness.

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