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Big Brother Billi Bhatti Shags A Housemate

by | 17th, June 2007

MORE coupling in the Big Brother Petri Dish as the News of The World says Billi Bhatti “wooed” former BB contestant Vanessa Layton-McIntosh.

Billi a model, it says here, is said to have discovered Vanessa on MySpace.

And – get this – Billi did not know who she was. Yes, Really. Imagine that. Billi ends up on Big Brother and out of 100million MySpace blogs he chooses a former Big Brother housemate to chat up online. Kismet.

A friend explains: “He just really liked the look of her, but didn’t realise she had been on telly. She’s just Billi’s type—all smoky eyes and sexy curves. They swapped a few flirtatious emails and then decided to meet up for a drink. Then things really took off.”

Billi ended up on Big Brother. And Vanessa got another go another go at celebrity. Not that Billi looks like he’ll hang around for long – he’s second favourite for eviction at a generous 33-1. (Back him with your free £10 bet.)
Wouldn’t it be spooky if Billi and Vanessa had the same agent…

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