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BBC Is Institutionally Biased

by | 17th, June 2007

THE BBC is biased. Really? And Jordan sleeps on her back. Dizzy writes:

Later on this week, according to the Sunday Times a report is due to be published by the BBC which will confirm what many people have believed for some time. That the BBC is institutionally biased. Some will remeber that I have mentioned in the past Robin Aitken’s book, “Can We Trust the BBC” which was an insiders view of what he saw as an institutionalised culture at the BBC which has produced certain default assumptions that the Corporation takes on issues, albeit it subtly.

The BBC report will make similar criticism saying that there is a “tendency to ‘group think’ with too many staff inhabiting a shared space and comfort zone”. This, the report will say is leading to a dangerous potential for undermining of its programming because of the shared liberal culture of its staff who do not challenge their own assumptions rigorously enough.

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