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Big Brother’s Billi Bhatti Boy Targets Another Chanelle

by | 18th, June 2007

untitled-1.pngBIG Brother reject Vanessa Layton-McIntosh is recalling her time with the show’s current housemate, hair-straigtener model Billi Bhatti.

Yesterday, Anorak brought you news from the Big Brother Petri Dish. Readers learnt that Billi discovered Vanessa on MySpace.

He didn’t know who she was. From over a 100million MySpace blogs, Billi chose a former Big Brother housemate to chat up online.

Captivated by her beauty and charms, Billi failed to read all about her “BB gossip forum” and her magazine columns.

Ignorant of her fame, Billi wooed her. And Billi – 32-1 to win the show with our free bet – won.

“He’s a demon in the sack,” says Vanessa. “The sex was absolutely amazing – he’s a great kisser and really good in bed.”

Good in bed and a demon in bed. We should explore further, dive into the complex relationship between good an evil.

But Vanessa is showing the world her primary female characteristics in the Sport and has more to say.

“It wasn’t what you’d call a serious relationship – we were more like friends who f**ked,” says she.

That was then. Now Billi is on the telly and he’s got his eye on someone else. “Chanelle is definitely his type,” says Vanessa. “She is the prettiest in the house and exactly the sort of girl he finds attractive.”

For the record, Vanessa is orangey-black of skin and tangerine of hair. Her breasts are hanging out of a blue dress. Chanelle is white with blonde-ish hair. Her backside is being restrained by a strip of black dental floss. Either Vanessa doesn’t know what she’s talking about or really does think she and Chanelle are of the same mould.

Of course, both women have been on Big Brother. Maybe all women on the show end up looking the same? In which case Carole (29-1) should start to unravel her underwear and Charley (94-1) hire out her pet hair.

And what of Billi? What are the mad odds on Billi finding not one but two women who have been on the show? It’s nothing less than kismet.

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