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Big Brother: Gay Muslims, Ziggy Crotch And Free Bet

by | 19th, June 2007

BIG Brother’s bet-he’s-good-to-his-mum Gerry (7-1 to win) and “I’m a bloated Michael Flatley” Seány ( have shared a kiss.

Last week, Seány (18-1) was a Muslim. The week before that he was grabbing his crotch and saying “Shamo!” at Michael Jackson.

This week, he’s a homosexual. But one without a gaydar, forced to great the pouting Billi (54-1) with: “Are you gay?”

Seány is very possibly working out what a gay man looks like and what kind of gay men he will be. He’s settled upon Timmy Mallett being sarcastic. But that could change.

It’s truth or dare and Seány is daring Liam to lick Ziggy’s crotch. “Why would he do that?” asks Ziggy (13-1). Because, Ziggy, next week Seány is going to be a happy-slapper and he wants to belittle you for his own sad enjoyment.

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