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Paul Potts Is The UK’s Pava-Spotty: Bully For Him

by | 19th, June 2007

paul-potts.jpgPAUL Potts is the winner of TV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Good news for opera singer Paul; better news for Big Brother which will now not have to compete with the superior show.

Potts is famous. His face is on the Mirror’s front page. And Potts has a dream. In “THE POTTER OF TINY FEET”, readers learn of Paul’s “baby dream”.

Paul talks of how he and his Julie can now, thanks to his £100,000 winnings, afford a baby. At least they will able to get whatever’s on the market once they’ve knocked off a few grand for Paul’s new teeth, which will, as the Star says, make Britain’s newest star feel “SMILES BETTER”.

But above all that Paul is a reality TV personality. And in tune with his people, he wants to tell us about how he was bullied.

It is now a rule of reality that all winners and contestants must have at some point been bullied, even those like Danielle Lloyd and Jade Good who appear as bullies themselves.

Paul has been called “Smelly”, “Potty” and Wee-Wee.”

Doubtless, in the bowels of a Neapolitan ice-cram shop, Pavarotti is nodding, recalling how being called “Pava-spotty”, “Pava-botty” and “Fatso” caused him to find his voice and achieve fame and fortune.

Now Paul is called, as the Mirror says, “Pavapotty” by “the nation”. The hope is that this ribbing will propel him to strive all the more and reach greater heights.

And that the ‘Bully A Winner’ programme will then be used to create a new generation of talent.

So, come on kids, get name calling. That Speccy Four Eyes is tomorrow’s Big Brother winner; the ginger minger in the corner is the new Strictly Come Dancing hard man; and Spack-Man is on his way to represent the land in the Eurovison Song Contest…

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