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Spelling Out Madeleine McCann To Bungling Police

by | 19th, June 2007

find-madeleine.jpgTHE Star says “bungling” Portuguese police are to search “Maddie” villa again.

Forensic scientists are to revisit the apartment from where Madeleine McCann went missing and look for clues.

But the place has, readers learn, been stripped and cleaned. So what will they find?

A British detective, described as “stunned”, says this is a sign of how “desperate the police are becoming”.

So they should not look over the apartment again, in case a clue was overlooked?

While the Star lists the bungles (“INSPECTOR CLUELESS”), the Sun looks at the apartment, a compact and bijou two-bed flat on the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz.

The apartment is on the market at a bargain £74,000, much less than the going rate of £150,000.

At least it was – it’s just been sold. As an “insider” tells the paper: “It was quite a surprise that it went on the market for such a low price and sold so quickly.”

While the new owners get ready to welcome the forensic team, voyeurs and tabloid hacks, the Sun shows children at Bishop Ellis Catholic Primary school in Thurmaston, Leicester, lining up to spell out the words “Find Madeleine”.

How this will help find the missing girl is not specified, but head teacher Gail Neill tells the Mirror: “All the children are aware of what’s happened to Madeleine and we pray regularly for her return.”

Indeed, we would all wish for a happy ending.

But one wonders what these children know, and if the youngsters could pass on their information to the Portuguese police…

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